Contractual Staffing

We at IntraGlobe belives in innovative solutions to meet customers requirement, no matter what the requirement be short- term, long term or project wise.we have solution of providing talented and qualified workforce on contract basis for every requirement.

customer has option to chose & hire from our contract / temporary employees, whom, when,where and how much workforce require to complete required task or assigned project and meet there staff shortages and workload fluctuations, they can hire as per requirement

Contractual workforce assignments can very from 1 day to few weeks/ months or a specified period. During Contractual assignments workforce remains on our company payrolls and we manages:
- salary sheet preparations and payouts
- Attrition issues
- Labour law compliance


Permanent Staffing

In today's economic scenario Permanent staff in any company is playing an an important role. A right staffs hired at a right position can take company to new height. We offer permanent staffing services in various verticals and at all levels.

We while hiring staff for any organization makes sure that it passes through our standard criteria and once hired he can effectively contribute to the growth and development of organization for whom he has been hired.

Standard recruitment process followed by us.



We help to reduce your administrative payroll burden, no matter what your needs may be, we have a solution for you all needs right from normal payroll services to customized service which can help you to meet your organizations goal.

Our payroll solution offers services for every kind of employee are whether he is a full time, part time or contractual staff. our additional services also caters to your following needs.

• Flex-time workers
• Freelancers
• Interns
• Laid-off employees
• Retirees
• Staff for special projects
• Payroll
• Personal Info Management
• Employee Information
• Employee Self Service
• Training Management
• Recruitment Management
• Performance Management
• Benefit Management
• Leave, Time & Attendance Management

We handle all needs payroll administration process, so you can focus on your core business


Bulk/ Mass / Campus recruitment

Bulk / Mass Service is well suited for all companies including new start-ups , first-hand project manning , business expansion, expansion of team sizes and even physical expansion of teams.

IntraGlobe Services include bulk recruitment within the projected timeframe, especially for all levels including base, mid management, middle management ND Executive level. Our pan India network and search empowers swift dispensation of replies and hence we are able to manage and execute the entire process seamlessly.


Compliance Management

At IntraGlobe, We offer complete assistance towards Labour law amenability and counselling services. One of our core competencies is Labour Laws; we empower you to emphasis exclusively on your business and let us handle the rest. Our all-inclusive submission and counselling services help you to be a totally acquiescent company.

If you are on the edge of thinking to expand your business, you are all welcome to reach us – so we can help you set up and streamline your Resource, recruitment services. Our database comprises of talent from across all states of India and it would be our endeavour to support you with the best talent and help you understand the complexity of acquiescence and undertake the administration of the same.

We provide compliance management service under following Acts /Services

• PF, ESI, LWF, Professional Tax, Gratuity, TDS management and Form 16 issuance.
• Payment of wages Act
• Contract Labour Regulation and Abolish Act
• Equal Remuneration act
• Bonus Act
• Factories Act
• Shop & Establishment Act
• Maternity Benefit Act



Training and Development

We cater to the training requirements of students who stop continuing post class 10th and 12th , students /pass outs of high school but d-r-o-p-s o-u-t college under-grads plus technical experts and many other apprentice groups. The apprentice centric approach ensures a strong foundation of skills for employability and smooth transition from classroom to workplace.

all our t-r-a-I-n-I-n-g programmes are consistent and employment focussed. These modules are planned to offer Industry oriented and technology driven elements for numerous beginner sections.


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