Accounting and reporting

One can select to outsource all financial related services or one can simply opt for the precise tasks which you want IntraGlobe to assist you with.

IntraGlobe offers complete A-Z services personalized to domestic and International market necessities and keeps pace with the ever changing market expansion, so as to meet the rapid reporting and high capability in bookkeeping. In agreement with the requirement of your company, in a highly safe and confidential environment; we accord and assist you the following services in our Financial wing:

- Managing entire accounting process of companies,
- Internal and external Audits,
- Physical Inventory management (PI service),
- TDS calculations as per income tax policy,
- collecting and managing investment details of employees,
- Arranging for Form 16 on behalf of outsourced company.
- ITR filing,
- Preparing books of accounts (Profit and Loss and Balance sheet of companies),
- Bookkeeping
- MIS - reports
- Annual reports and Half Yearly Reports
- VAT calculation / insurance / tax representations
- Credit reports
- Accounting services using the customer’s own systems
- Participation in customer’s systems implementation
- Financial advisory and Consulting services


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