Kamal Soni


Kamal Soni – Founder Managing Director

An enthusiast, affable, highly motivated and richly experienced IT professional that brings 17 years of Global exposure and a proven track record with renowned Logistic Industry followed by a dignified position as National head at various logistic and staffing companies.

Kamal has successfully aligned his expertise with Logistic and Staff service consultation, and brings into the team experience, expertise and know-how to constantly improve service and product experience in the field of Strategy Planning, Profit Centre Management, Operations Management, Credit Controlling and Team Management.

His ability to lead, control, execute and operate logistics has earned him accolades which meet the overall proactive organizational goals.

Gopal Pandey


Gopal Pandey - Director

Gopal Panday is a result oriented person with nearly 18 years of experience in overseeing Warehousing Sales Planning, Supply Chain Management, 3PL,Cargo Operations, Logistics, Project Management, Business Operations; distinction in working with Blue chip companies.

His vast experience in Supply chain and warehousing field is an asset to any organization. He keeps a keen eye on each and every aspect of project he undertakes and make sure that project is completed within the specified deadlines.

His jolly nature, Confidence and ability to understand the nature of business and its requirements gives an extra edge to him which is good for an organization to build up personal relationships with its customers.


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